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Now onto the designs on the bag. Air Max 90 Cheap China . Here are some options you can go with. Theres no better bag to show how downright upset you are with your team than the traditional “Sad Bag”. This is definitely the most classic bag out there and has been a staple in the paperbag wearing community for decades. The Sad Bag is like rocknroll, its been around for decades and it isnt going away any time soon. For the naïve fan who didnt see this sudden turn of fortunes for his team coming. For this fan, he was cruising along “enjoying the wins and ignoring the analytics” and then BAM! Out of nowhere his team is free falling out of the playoffs and hes just sitting there with his jaw on the floor and a confused look on his face. This bag is for the manliest of men who refuse to breakdown and sob over their teams utter lack of talent. However this fan has pushed his emotions down for so long that theyve completely over flowed inside of him, resulting in one single mad/sad/upset tear dripping down his face uncontrollably. Nothing says my team is garbage like showing up for the sole purpose of pounding back a few beers. Whats the score? Who cares! What period is it? Who cares! The team isnt going anywhere for these results to really matter, so you might as well drown your team sorrows with a few brewskis. This bag is for the optimist. Forever a dreamer, this fan believes his team has a shot at the championship at the beginning of every year. But once the losing starts and it starts to kick in that this year will be a lot like last year, this fan has that dreadful feeling of… “Oh no, not again.” This bag is for the fans from Toronto, Cleveland or any other city that has experienced overall hardship in their team selection. The Why Me bag is not for those blessed souls in Boston who get to experience championships across all their sports. The Why Me bag is for the people that wonder why on earth they were born in the city theyre in and forced to cheer for these dreadful teams year in and year out. Definitely the most topical bag of the bunch. Nothing says I want my team to lose in hopes it will benefit us down the road than wearing the next top draft picks name on your face. This bag is worn by the fans who understand its better to finish last in your conference than 10th. But dont tell that to the Oilers. No words. This is for the speechless fan whos ranted and raved about his teams misfortunes for years and is just out of things to say. This fan is left sitting in his seat watching the game and not getting excited when they do well or upset when they do poorly, its all be experienced and he knows one thing, its not resulting in a championship. For the heartbroken fan with no shame. The teams brutal, watching it is brutal, you constantly see all these great teams coming in and out of your city and cant help but breakdown and cry about not being able to root for them. Theres always next year, but you know deep down theres a probably a waterfall of tears waiting for you there as well. Youve had it. This fan is ready to hop onto the ice or field and show these players how its done. Youre finished with watching these guys play and are waiting for those golden words that have only been uttered once in recent sports history… Open tryouts! This paperbag represents the fans who sit there wondering why in the world they still choose to root for this team that has caused them so much anger and frustration for all these decades. This ponders the whole game wondering, “Is this all worth it?”…..(The answer is yes, btw). Cheap Air Max 90 Free Shipping . Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane wanted to stay in Chicago and the Blackhawks wanted to keep the high-scoring forwards in the only NHL uniform they have ever known. Air Max 90 Cheap Online . Iwakuma pitched seven strong innings to stay unbeaten in road games since last July, leading the Seattle Mariners to a 5-2 win over the Cleveland Indians on Tuesday night. http://www.airmax90cheap.net/ . The Raptors had an early deadline Sunday, a dreaded afternoon game, and they left the bulk of their work until the last minute, as theyve done so many times before.PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. -- Calling the New York Mets a "marquee franchise," new players union head Tony Clark is paying attention to the teams payroll. Mets general manager Sandy Alderson said he expects the teams payroll to be between $85 million and $88 million this season, which would be a slight decrease from its $90.9 million final figure last year. Despite the additions of free agents Curtis Granderson, Bartolo Colon and Chris Young, the Mets have a payroll resembling that of a mid-market franchise. The Los Angeles Dodgers payroll is over $225 million and the New York Yankees will top $200 million. "Any time there are concerns or issues with any club related to certain habits or trends, we pay attention to it," Clark said after speaking with Mets players Tuesday during his tour of the 30 spring training camps. "New York is no different than any other club, from the standpoint of appreciating whats paid in payroll and how clubs may be functioning in general, related to improving the group they have on the field." Clark declined to say specifically whether the union has spoken with the Mets owners or front office about payroll. "Rest assured that any conversations were having with management likely wont end up in the newspaper," he said. "We will always stay engaged, from top to bottom with any club, at least reelated to any concerns we may have and how those concerns manifest themselves. Nike Air Max 90 Wholesale China. " Clark also said he was concerned free agent shortstop Stephen Drew has not signed. Drew, pitcher Ervin Santana and designated hitter Kendrys Morales declined to accept $14.1 million qualifying offers, and teams signing them would lose a selection in Junes amateur draft. But if a team signs one of those players after the draft, it would not forfeit a pick. "Any time you have players on the free-agent market who are still sitting at home come March 4 that I think everyone would agree can have a positive impact on any club that they would happen to play on, it is a concern," Clark said. "Its a topic that we pay a lot of attention to because we dont think its in anyones best interests to have some of the top players in the game sitting at home and not playing on the field." NOTES: RHP Matt Harvey is paid $546,625 while on the major league roster this year under the one-year deal announced Monday and at an annual rate of $299,250 if on option to the minors. Harvey, recovering from elbow ligament-replacement surgery on Oct. 22, gets paid at the big league rate while on the disabled list or during a minor league injury rehabilitation assignment. ... RHP Zack Wheeler has a $512,375 salary in the majors and $169,349 in the minors. ' ' '


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